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Create Paper Items

Print out pattern papers to make unique paper items.
Templates are available from Canon's free printing materials website, CREATIVE PARK. Or create something original. You're just limited by your imagination!

  • Luncheon mats

  • Wrappings

  • Cutlery cases

  • Chopstick cases

Items Required (Materials, Tools)

  • Paper of desired size and type.
    Note: Try various paper types for different printing results.

Not supported depending on your model.


The screens vary depending on the printer.

  1. STEP

    From the printer's home screen, select Print, and then Templates.

    • figure: Printer screen
    • figure: Printer screen
  2. STEP

    Select Pattern paper, and then select the pattern you want to print.

    • figure: Printer screen
    • figure: Printer screen
  3. STEP

    Check settings and print.

    • figure: Printer screen