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Create an Original Poster

Create an original poster to display in your store or at your event.

You can easily design and print your own posters for free using PosterArtist (web service) or PosterArtist Lite (poster creation application).

  • Choose from the many templates available to create the perfect poster! Examples include: Logistics, Retail, Catering, Education, and Office
  • Includes translations for over 900 preset words and phrases. Making multi language posters has never been easier.

PosterArtist is a web service for creating posters.

Many templates are provided, and therefore no professional knowledge is required.

* Use this app on Windows or macOS.

Access from here!

Note: The following procedures are for creating a poster in PosterArtist Lite.


  1. STEP

    Download PosterArtist Lite application.

    Download PosterArtist Lite


  1. STEP

    Open PosterArtist Lite and select a template

    • figure: PosterArtist Lite screen
    • figure: PosterArtist Lite screen
  2. STEP

    Select a paper size

    • figure: PosterArtist Lite screen


    • The paper type can be changed from the properties screen.
  3. STEP

    Edit the title and main text

    • figure: PosterArtist Lite screen


    • Change the design of your poster by adding clipart and shapes, or changing the background.
  4. STEP

    Check your settings and print

    • figure: PosterArtist Lite screen


Recommended Use

  • Use Easy-Layout Editor to create a large poster from multiple sheets of paper. When printing the poster, you can select whether to overlap or separate the sheets of paper according to your display purpose.

    figure: Easy-Layout Editor screen

    Download from here!

    Note: Easy-Layout Editor and PosterArtist/PosterArtist Lite are software intended for different purposes.