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Create Original Nail Stickers

Enjoy nail art with ease at home.

  • Enjoy matching nails with friends.
  • Coordinate according to your event, mood, or fashion.
  • Turn photos and illustrations, even those of your beloved pets, into nail stickers!

Items Required (Materials, Tools)

  • Nail Stickers Creator smartphone app
  • Printable Nail Stickers
  • Multi-purpose tray
  • Nail file
  • Top coat

Not supported depending on your model.


  1. STEP

    Start Nail Stickers Creator.

    Download Nail Stickers Creator from here.

    • App Store
    • Google Play
  2. STEP

    Select your favorite design and print it.

    • figure: Print nail stickers


    • You can also add stamps and text, as well as photos taken with the camera.
  3. STEP

    Apply a sticker that matches the width of your nail, and then file off excess sticker.

    • figure: Applying nail stickers


    • The key is to place a nail file perpendicular to your nail, and then file gently with downward strokes.
  4. STEP

    Apply top coat.

    • figure: Apply top coat


Download from here!

  • Nail Stickers Creator
  • App Store
  • Google Play

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