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Printing from Messenger

Print photos and documents easily by sending them to Messenger.

  • Send to Messenger and print!
  • Printing is easy from an app you are familiar with!

Items Required (Materials, Tools)

  • A smartphone, tablet, or computer that is capable of running Messenger.
    This is not available from computers in some regions.
  • Supported printer
    The printer must be connected to the internet.
  • Paper (A4/Hagaki/L/2L/KG/Square/Card)
    Available paper sizes vary depending on your printer.


  1. STEP

    Open the Canon Inkjet Print Facebook page in Messenger.

    Log in or scan the QR code.

    • figure: Messenger code
  2. STEP

    Follow the instructions in the Canon Inkjet Print chat to add your printer.

    • figure: Messenger chat screen
  3. STEP

    Send the photo or document you want to print.

    • figure: Messenger chat screen


    • Printing of documents is not supported on Android.
    • Documents may not be printed in some regions.
  4. STEP

    Tap Print.

    • figure: Messenger chat screen



    • Tap Change settings to change the paper size and type.
    • Tap Adjust position to change the size of the photo or rotate it.


Canon Inkjet Print Facebook Page

  • Canon Inkjet Print Facebook Page

Log in or scan the QR code.

  • figure: Messenger code

Download the Messenger app on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

Fixed Menu

The following actions are available with the official Canon Inkjet Print Facebook account.

Print, check status, add/change printer, delete printer, help, purchase supplies, change language, about this service.
  • You can manage printers using the Add/change printer and Delete printer buttons.
  • If the menu is not displayed, type "Menu" into the chat.

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