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Print Photos from Your Computer

Learn how to print photos saved on your computer or cloud services simply by following three easy steps.

Recommended Use

  • Print photos taken with a digital camera or single-lens reflex camera, at home.
  • Print photos from a computer as easily as possible.
  • Print photos on large paper.

Items Required (Materials, Tools)

  • Easy-PhotoPrint Editor application
  • Inkjet paper

Not supported depending on your model.


  1. STEP

    Start Easy-PhotoPrint Editor and select Photos.

    Download Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

    • figure: Easy-PhotoPrint Editor screen
  2. STEP

    Select your photos.

    • figure: Easy-PhotoPrint Editor screen
  3. STEP

    Check settings and print.

    How to load paper

    • figure: Easy-PhotoPrint Editor screen

    In macOS, a different screen appears.


  • To print with borders, uncheck the Borderless printing checkbox.
  • To print by automatically laying out selected images, use Shuffle Layout.


Download from here!

Trademarks and Licenses

  • macOS is a trademark of Apple Inc.