Overview of the Machine

Main Components and Basic Operations

Main Components

About the Power Supply of the Machine

LCD and Operation Panel

Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

Loading Paper / Originals

Loading Paper

Loading Originals

Inserting the USB Flash Drive

Replacing a FINE Cartridge

Replacing a FINE Cartridge

Checking the Ink Status


When Printing Becomes Faint or Colors Are Incorrect

Performing Maintenance from a Computer

Cleaning the Machine

Changing the Machine Settings

Changing Machine Settings from Your Computer

Changing the Machine Settings on the LCD

Information about Network Connection

Useful Information about Network Connection

About Network Communication

Changing and Confirming Network Settings

Screens for Network Connection of IJ Network Tool

Other Screens of IJ Network Tool

Appendix for Network Communication

Tips for Ensuring Optimal Printing Quality

Useful Information about Ink

Key Points to Successful Printing

Be Sure to Make Paper Settings after Loading Paper

Canceling a Print Job

Key to Enjoying Consistent Printing Quality

Precautions for Safe Transport of the Machine

Legal Limitations on Use of Your Product and Use of Images


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