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Paper Is Smudged/Printed Surface Is Scratched

Paper Is Smudged

The Edges of Paper Are Smudged

Printed Surface Is Smudged

Printed Surface Is Scratched

  1. Check1 Did you confirm the paper and print quality settings?

    Print Results Not Satisfactory

  2. Check2 Is the appropriate type of paper used?

    Check to see if the paper you are printing on is suitable for your printing purpose.

    Media Types You Can Use

  3. Check3 Load the paper after correcting its curl.

    We recommend putting unused paper back into the package and keeping it on a level surface.

    • For Plain Paper

      Turn the paper over and reload it to print on the other side.

      Leaving the paper loaded on the rear tray for a long time may cause the paper to curl. In this case, load the paper with the other side facing up. It may resolve the problem.

    • For Other Paper

      If the curl on the four corners of the paper is more than 0.1 inch / 3 mm (A) in height, the paper may be smudged or may not be fed properly. In such cases, follow the procedure described below to correct the paper curl.

      1. Roll up the paper in the opposite direction to the paper curl as shown below.

      2. Check that the paper is now flat.

        We recommend printing curl-corrected paper one sheet at a time.


    • Depending on the media type, the paper may be smudged or may not be fed properly even if it is not curled inward. In such cases, follow the procedure described below to curl the paper outward within 0.1 inch / 3 mm (B) in height before printing. This may improve the print result.

      (C) Printing side

      We recommend printing paper that has been curled outward one sheet at a time.

  4. Check4 If the intensity is set high, reduce the intensity setting and try printing again.

    If you are using plain paper to print images with high intensity, the paper may absorb too much ink and become wavy, causing paper abrasion.

    Reduce the intensity setting in the printer driver and try printing again.

    1. Open the printer driver setup window.

      How to Open the Printer Driver Setup Window

    2. On the Main sheet, select Manual for Color/Intensity, and then click Set....

    3. Drag the Intensity slide bar on the Color Adjustment sheet to adjust the intensity.

  5. Check5 Is printing performed beyond the recommended printing area?

    If you are printing beyond the recommended printing area of your printing paper, the lower edge of the paper may become stained with ink.

    Resize your original document in your application software.

    Printing Area

  6. Check6 Is the platen glass dirty?

    Clean the platen glass.

    Cleaning the Platen Glass and Document Cover

  7. Check7 Is the paper feed roller dirty?

    Clean the paper feed roller.

    Cleaning the Paper Feed Roller


    • Cleaning the paper feed roller will wear the roller, so perform this procedure only when necessary.

  8. Check8 Is the inside of the machine dirty?

    When performing duplex printing, the inside of the machine may become stained with ink, causing the printout to become smudged.

    Perform the Bottom Plate Cleaning to clean the inside of the machine.

    Cleaning the Inside of the Machine (Bottom Plate Cleaning)


    • To prevent the inside of the machine from stains, set the paper size correctly.

  9. Check9 Set the time to dry the printed surface longer.

    Doing so gives the printed surface enough time to dry so that paper smudged and scratched are prevented.

    1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.

    2. Open the printer driver setup window.

      How to Open the Printer Driver Setup Window

    3. Click the Maintenance tab and then Custom Settings.

    4. Drag the Ink Drying Wait Time slide bar to set the wait time, and then click OK.

    5. Confirm the message and click OK.