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Setting Passwords for Personal Job Boxes

For greater security, you can specify a password for personal job boxes. After setting the password, it is necessary to enter the password when performing the following operations.

  • Change personal job box settings
  • Display / print the list of jobs saved in personal job box, print / delete / move /rename jobs saved in personal job box


  • By default, no passwords are set for personal job boxes.
  • A password cannot be set for common job box.
  • Enter a seven-digit number as the password, in the range 0000001 to 9999999.
  • Even if you have set passwords, they are not required to access personal job boxes in Administrator Mode in Remote UI.
  1. Start up Remote UI.

  2. Select Job management.

  3. Select Saved job.

  4. In the list, tap the target job box.

  5. Select Edit.

  6. Select Set/change password check box and enter password. (This field is limited to seven digits in the range 0000001 to 9999999.)

  7. Select OK.