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Print settings

Select this setting item from Device settings.

  • Print head movable width setting

    Adjusts the print head movable width.

  • Prioritize paper size

    This is a setting item for roll paper.

    Select Enable to use the paper size setting as the basis for printing instead of other settings. The text or images in the margin are not printed.

    Select Disable to give priority to printing text or images.


    • The printed paper length is longer than the actual paper length. This is because the printed paper includes the upper/lower margins specified by Roll Paper Safety Margin and Leading Edge Margin in the printer driver and excludes the paper margins.
  • PDF print settings

    Performs PDF print settings.

  • JPEG print settings

    Performs JPEG print settings.

  • HP-GL/2 print settings

    Performs HP-GL/2 print settings.

  • Print from USB flash settings

    Performs settings for printing data saved on the USB flash drive.

  • Direct print settings from FTP

    Performs print settings when printing directly from FTP. You can perform four settings individually.

  • Default print settings

    Prints out the default values of print settings.

  • Print setting print

    Prints out the print settings list.