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Printer information

This setting item is displayed by tapping (Setup) on the HOME screen.

  • System information

    Displays printer's system information.

  • Hard disk information

    Displays the total hard disk capacity and the free space.

  • Error history

    Displays the error history.

    • Hardware error

      Displays the hardware error codes (up to 5).

    • Recoverable error

      Displays the recoverable error (e.g. paper or ink related error) codes (up to 5).

    • Paper feed/transfer error

      Displays the error codes for errors which occur during paper feed/transfer (up to 5).

      Tapping an error code displays the error details.

    For more on the error code, refer to List of Support Code for Error.

  • Usage totals

    Displays the printer's record of use such as total print area or the amount of ink consumption.

  • Head information

    Displays the print head serial number, elapsed days since the current print head was installed, and dot count.

  • Head alignment performance log

    Displays the print head alignment performance log (up to 5).

  • Values applied with auto settings

    Displays the print settings applied the last print job.