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Printed colors are inaccurate

  1. Check 1 Has color been adjusted in the printer driver?

    Follow the steps below to adjust color settings.

    • Windows

      Adjust the color settings with Color Mode > Color Settings in Advanced Settings in the printer driver.

    • macOS

      Adjust the color settings in the printer driver Color Options.

  2. Check 2 Has the computer or monitor color been adjusted?

    Take the actions below.

    • Refer to the computer and monitor documentation to adjust the colors.

    • Adjust the settings of the color management software, referring to the software documentation as needed.

  3. Check 3 Is the print head nozzle blocked?

    Print a test pattern to check the nozzles and see if they are clogged.

  4. Check 4 Is Application Color Matching Priority set to Off in a Windows printer driver?

    In the printer driver Layout sheet, click Special Settings, and then set Application Color Matching Priority to On in the dialog box that appears.