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Remove Jammed Paper (Paper Feed Slot)

Follow these steps to remove any scraps left in the paper feed slot after you clear jammed sheets or roll paper.

  1. Turn off printer.

  2. Push release lever back.

  3. Positioning your hands as shown, open the roll paper cover.

  4. Fold an A4 sheet lengthwise four times and insert it through the gap of paper feed slot. Push scrap out toward platen.

  5. Remove scrap when it is pushed out onto platen.

  6. If any scraps remain inside paper feed slot, repeat steps 4 and 5.

  7. Holding it at the positions indicated, close the roll paper cover.

  8. Pull release lever forward.


  • Changing the release lever position while printing is in progress causes paper jam, misaligned lines, or wrong colors. Be careful not to touch the release lever while printing in progress.