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Adjusting Line Misalignment

If printed lines are misaligned, execute Print head angle adjustment to adjust the print head angle. Print head angle adjustment requires you to examine a printed test pattern and adjust the angle using the angle adjustment lever.

Always adjust the print head angle after replacing the print head.


  • Because the results of adjustment vary depending on the type of paper used for adjustment, use the same type of paper as you will use for printing.
  • When using cut sheets, do not move the release lever until instructions (guidance) for removing the paper are displayed.

    Moving the release lever during printing or maintenance operations will cause the printer to stop.

Paper to Prepare

When using rolls
An unused roll at least 10.00 inches (254.0 mm) wide
When using sheets
One sheet of unused paper of at least A4/Letter size

Perform adjustment as follows.

  1. Load paper.


    • Always make sure the loaded paper matches the type of paper specified on the printer. Adjustment cannot be completed correctly unless the loaded paper matches the settings.
  2. Tap (Setup) > Maintenance on HOME screen.

    The Maintenance screen appears.

  3. Tap Print head angle adjustment.

    A confirmation message appears.

  4. Tap Yes.

    The carriage moves and the guidance for the print head angle adjustment procedure appears on the touch screen.

  5. Open the top cover.

  6. Align the angle adjustment lever with the red square and close the top cover.

    A test pattern is printed for adjustment.


    • Do not touch the linear scale (A) or carriage shaft (B). Touching these may cause malfunction.

  7. Examine the test pattern for adjustment. Determine the straightest set of lines.

    Example 1: Select "+2" in pattern (C).

    Example 2: Move the angle adjustment lever to a position between the numbers or between the number and the square (D) of the two sets of lines that are least misaligned. In this case, select -1.

  8. Open top cover and move angle adjustment lever to match number (or square) of straightest set of lines.

  9. Close the top cover.

    The print head is now straight, and adjustment is complete.


  • If the problem, such as misaligned lines or color unevenness, is not solved after adjustment, execute Print head angle adjustment and move the angle adjustment lever in the front or the rear of the last position. When finished, execute Print head alignment again.