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Printer Menu Operations

The printer menu is classified into regular menu items available when no print job is in progress and menu during printing items only available while printing is in progress.

Flicking HOME screen and tapping the menu displays each setting item.

The menus below are available.

figure: Touch screen
  1. Printer status

    Displays the printer status and wireless LAN connection status.

  2. Ink status

    Displays the current paper information.

  3. Paper information

    Perform paper settings. (grays-out while a print job is in progress)

  4. Maintenance

    Perform maintenance settings.

  5. Job management

    Perform job management settings.

  6. Print from USB flash drive

    Perform print settings when you print data on a USB flash drive.

  7. LAN settings

    Perform LAN settings. (grays-out while a print job is in progress)

  8. Device settings

    Perform various printer settings. (grays-out while a print job is in progress)

  9. Printer information

    Displays various printer information.


  • The values set in the menu on the operation panel are applied to all print jobs. However, if the same setting item exists in the printer driver, the setting value of the printer driver takes precedence.