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Setting Items When Printing Data Saved on USB Flash Drive

You can specify the print settings to print data saved on the USB flash drive.

Touch screen

Flick vertically or tap to display setting items and tap the setting item to display the settings. After tapping the setting value, tap Apply (H).

  1. Color

    Select from Color (perceptual) / Color (saturation) / Color (correct off) / Monochrome.

  2. Print qlty (Print quality)

    Select print quality.

  3. Paper src (Paper source)

    Select where to feed paper.

  4. Margin

    Select margin for printed image.

  5. Border

    Select bordered/borderless print.

  6. Rotate

    The image is printed rotated by 90 degrees if you select 90 degrees.

  7. Enl./Red.

    Select a method to enlarge/reduce image size.

  8. Tap to specify the print settings.