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Removing Rolls From the Roll Holder

Check whether your holder stopper is Type X or Y.

  1. Remove the holder stopper from the Roll Holder.

    • For Type X:

      Rotate the holder stopper lever (A) towards to release the lock, and while holding it in position (B), remove holder stopper from the roll holder.

    • For Type Y:

      Push holder stopper lever (A) toward shaft to release lock, and while holding in position (B), remove holder stopper from Roll Holder.

  2. Remove roll holder from roll paper.

  3. To remove 3-Inch Paper Core Attachment, press tabs (A) inward and remove attachment.

    • roll holder Side

    • holder stopper Side


  • Store the roll in the original bag or box, away from high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight. If paper is not stored properly, the printing surface may become scratched, which may affect the printing quality when you use it again.