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Cannot Connect Printer to Network

  1. Check1 Is the Ethernet cable connected correctly to the printer's Ethernet port?

    Make sure the printer is connected to the network with the correct Ethernet cable, and then turn the printer on. For instructions on connecting the cable, refer to the Setup Guide.

  2. Check2 Make sure the Link indicator is lit.

    The top and bottom indicators are lit if the printer is connected via 1000Base-T. The top indicator is green if the printer is connected via 100Base-TX, and the bottom indicator is orange if connected via 10Base-T.

    If the Link indicator is not lit, check the following points.

    • The hub is on.
    • The end of the Ethernet cable is connected correctly.

      Insert the Ethernet cable until it clicks and locks in place.

    • There is no problem with the Ethernet cable.

      If there is any problem, replace the Ethernet cable.

    • Check the communication mode with the hub.

      Although the printer normally detects the hub communication mode and transmission rate automatically (in auto negotiation mode), sometimes the hub settings cannot be detected. In this case, configure the connection method manually, specifying the communication mode in use.