Reducing Dust from Cutting Rolls

If the paper tends to generate dust when cut, such as with Backlit Film, you can reduce flying dust by setting Cut-dust reduction to ON from the touch screen menu, which will coat the leading and trailing edges of the printed document with ink. As a result, you can reduce problems with the print head. You can set Cut-dust reduction according to the media type.


  • Do not set Cut-dust reduction to ON for paper that wrinkles easily, such as Plain Paper or lightweight paper. If not cut properly, the paper may jam.

  • Borderless printing is not available when Cut-dust reduction is set to ON. When performing borderless printing, set Cut-dust reduction to OFF.

Follow these steps to set Cut-dust reduction to ON.

  1. Tap paper settings display area on Home screen of touch screen.


    • If the Home screen does not appear, tap the Home button.

  2. Tap or area.

  3. Tap Paper settings.

  4. Tap Advanced.

  5. Tap Cut-dust reduction.

  6. Tap ON.