Checking for Nozzle Clogging

If printing is faint or affected by banding in different colors, make sure the print head nozzles are clear by printing a test pattern to check the nozzles.


Paper to Prepare

When Using Rolls

An unused roll at least 10.00 in (254.0 mm) wide

When Using Sheets

One sheet of unused paper of at least A4/Letter size

  1. Load paper.

     Loading Rolls on the Roll Holder

     Loading the Upper Roll on the Printer

     Loading the Lower Roll on the Roll Unit (Option)

     Loading Sheets in the Printer

  2. Flick Home screen and tap Maintenance.

     Touch Screen

    The Maintenance screen appears.

  3. Tap Print nozzle check pattern.

    A confirmation message appears.

  4. Tap Yes.

    The printer now prints a test pattern for checking the nozzles.

  5. Check the printing results.

    If the horizontal lines are not faint or incomplete, the nozzles are clear.

    If some sections of the horizontal lines are faint or incomplete, the nozzles for those colors are clogged.


    • Because CO has no color, printing is performed on top of the black pattern. Check if the dark gray areas have lines (A) in the CO pattern.


    If horizontal lines are faint or incomplete, execute print head cleaning.

     Cleaning the Print Head