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Firmware update

Select this setting item from Printer settings on Various settings.


  • The administrator password is required to change this setting if the administrator password is enabled.

You can update the firmware of the printer, check the firmware version, or perform settings of a notification screen, a DNS server and a proxy server.


  • If LAN is disabled, you can not use Install update, DNS server setup, Proxy server setup.

  • Install update

    Performs the firmware update of the printer. If you select Yes, the firmware update starts. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform update.


    • When you use this function, make sure the printer is connected to the Internet.


    • If the firmware update is not complete, check the following and take an appropriate action.

      • Check the network settings such as a wireless router.

      • If Cannot connect to the server. is displayed on the LCD, press the OK button and try again after a while.

  • Check current version

    You can check the current firmware version.

  • Update notification settings

    When Yes is selected and the firmware update is available, the screen to inform you of the firmware update is displayed on the LCD.

  • DNS server setup

    Performs settings for a DNS server. Select Auto setup or Manual setup. If you select Manual setup, follow the display on the LCD to perform settings.

  • Proxy server setup

    Performs settings for a proxy server. Follow the display on the LCD to perform settings.