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AirPrint print settings

Select this setting item from Printer settings on Various settings.

You can change the print settings when printing using AirPrint from the macOS device or the iOS device.

  • Print quality settings

    • Color mode

      Select the color correction method suited to the type of document to be printed.


      • Even if you select ICC profile, printing is performed without ICC profile if ICC profile is not included in the paper information added with Media Configuration Tool. Even if ICC profile is included in the paper information, printing will fail and the paper will be ejected as the blank paper if the Profile is not supported with the printer.

    • Clear coating

      Specifies the clear coating area.

      If you select Auto, the printer automatically sets the areas to be clear-coated and whether clear coating is to be executed.

      It may be possible to reduce the ink consumption of the chroma optimizer (CO) or to accelerate the print speed.

      If you select Overall, the printer clear-coats the entire print area.

      If selecting Auto produced unsatisfactory clear coating effects, selecting Overall may improve the results.


      • The selection of Overall may be disabled depending on the media type and the print quality.