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Removing Printable Nail Stickers

  1. Pull out multi-purpose tray.

  2. Close the multi-purpose tray guide.


    • If the multi-purpose tray guide is opened, you cannot print on paper as it will not feed properly. Make sure that the multi-purpose tray guide is closed.

  3. Remove Printable Nail Stickers.

    While pressing down lock (A), remove two tabs (B) on the top out of slits (C).


    • Do not touch the printing surface when removing Printable Nail Stickers.


    • Allow the printing surface to dry before removing Printable Nail Stickers. If you see printing on the multi-purpose tray or outside the Printable Nail Stickers, wipe them clean after the printing surface has dried.

  4. Peel a sheet of Printable Nail Stickers from adapter.


    • Allow the printing surface to dry before tearing off Printable Nail Stickers from its edges.

  5. Insert multi-purpose tray straight into multi-purpose tray storage compartment.

    When not using the multi-purpose tray, insert it in the multi-purpose tray storage compartment.