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Front View

A: Top Cover
Open to replace an ink tank or to remove jammed paper inside the printer.
B: Top Feed

Two or more sheets of the same size and type of paper can be loaded at the same time, and fed automatically one sheet at a time.

C: Paper Guides
Align with both sides of the paper stack.
D: Paper Support
Open to load paper in the top feed.
E: Feed Slot Cover

Prevents anything from falling into the feed slot.

Open it to slide the paper guides, and close it before printing.

F: Operation Panel

Use to change the settings of the printer or to operate it.

G: Paper Output Tray
Printed paper is ejected. Open it before printing.
H: Output Tray Extension
Open to support ejected paper.
I: Paper Output Support
Pull out to support ejected paper.
J: Multi-purpose Tray Guide
Place the multi-purpose tray here.
K: Multi-purpose Tray Storage Compartment
The multi-purpose tray supplied with the printer can be stored here.
L: ON lamp
Lights after flashing when the power is turned on.
M: ON button

Turns the power on or off.

N: Stop button
Cancels a print job in progress.