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Before Printing on Art Paper

When using art paper, dust is liable to be generated. It is therefore recommended that paper dust be removed on art paper just before printing.

You will need a soft hair brush (or similar brush used to clean office automation equipment).

The wider the brush, the more effective it will be.

OK - soft brush made from material such as polypropylene, polyethylene, horse hair or goat hair.


  • Be sure not to use brushes as shown below. The printing surface may be damaged.

    Not OK - brush made from hard material, cloth or washcloth, sticky and abrasive materials.

Paper dust removal procedure:

  1. Check that the brush is not wet and free from dust or dirt.

  2. Brush the overall printing surface carefully in one direction.


    • Be sure to brush all the way across the paper; do not start brushing at the middle or stop halfway.

    • Be careful not to touch the printing surface as much as possible.

  3. To complete the removal of paper dust, brush the paper in the other direction from top to bottom.