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Printing Photos from a Computer (macOS)

This section describes how to print photos with a software application on your computer.

  1. Open the paper support (A) of the top feed.

  2. Open the paper output tray (B) gently.

  3. Open the output tray extension (C), then pull out the paper output support (D).

  4. Open the feed slot cover (E).

  5. Slide right paper guide (F) to open both paper guides and load the paper in the center of the top feed WITH THE PRINT SIDE FACING YOU.

  6. Slide right paper guide (F) to align both paper guides with both sides of the paper stack.

  7. Close feed slot cover gently.

    The paper information registration screen for the top feed is displayed on the LCD.

  8. Select the size and type of paper loaded in the top feed at Page size and Type, select Register, then press the OK button.

  9. Select Print from the software application's menu.

    In general, select Print... from the File menu to open the Print dialog.


    • For details on the operations of software application you use, refer to the user's manual of your software application.
  10. Select your model from the Printer list.

    Click Show Details to switch the Setup window to the detailed display.

  11. Select the paper size.

    For Paper Size, select the paper size to be used.

  12. Select Quality & Media from the pop-up menu.

  13. Select the media type.

    For Media Type, select the same paper type loaded in the printer.

  14. Select the paper source.

    Select Top Feed at Paper Source.

  15. After completing the setup, click Print, then execute print.