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Copying on Photo Paper

You can copy the loaded original on 10 x 15 cm or 4" x 6" photo paper without borders. The original is enlarged or reduced automatically to fit the paper size.

  1. Make sure machine is turned on.

  2. Load 10 x 15 cm or 4" x 6" photo paper.

  3. Load original on platen glass.

  4. Press Paper button to light lower Paper lamp.

  5. Press Color button for color copying, or Black button for black & white copying.

    The machine starts Fit to Page copying.

    Remove the original on the platen glass after copying is complete.

    • To make multiple copies:

      Press the Color button or the Black button repeatedly according to the number of copies you want.

      Press the same button (Color button or Black button) as the one which you previously pressed.

    • To cancel copying:

      Press the Stop button.


  • Do not open the document cover or remove the original from the platen glass until scanning is completed.

    While the machine is scanning the original, the ON lamp keeps flashing.


  • When the original is copied, slight cropping may occur at the edges since the copied image is enlarged to fill the whole page.