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Printing Tips

Check the printer status before printing!

  • Is the print head OK?

    If a print head nozzle is clogged, print will be faint and papers will be wasted. Print the nozzle check pattern to check the print head.

  • Is the inside of the printer smeared with ink?

    After printing large quantities of paper or performing borderless printing, the area where papers go through may get smeared with ink. Clean the inside of your printer with Bottom Plate Cleaning.

Check how to load the paper correctly!

  • Is the paper loaded in the correct orientation?

    To load paper in the rear tray, load paper WITH THE PRINTING SIDE FACING YOU.

  • Is the paper curled?

    The curled paper causes paper jam. Flatten the curled paper, then reload it.

    We recommend putting unused paper back into the package and storing it flat.

    • Plain Paper

      Turn the paper over and reload it to print on the other side.

    • Other Paper

      If the paper corners curl more than 0.12 inch (3 mm) (A) in height, the paper may smudge or may not feed properly. Follow the instructions below to correct the paper curl.

      1. Roll up paper in opposite direction to paper curl as shown below.

      2. Check that paper is now flat.

        We recommend printing curl-corrected paper one sheet at a time.


    • Depending on paper type, the paper may smudge or may not feed properly even if it is not curled inward. Follow the instructions below to curl the paper outward up to 0.12 inch (3 mm) (B) in height before printing. This may improve the print result.

      (C) Print side

      We recommend feeding paper that has been curled outward one sheet at a time.