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General Specifications


USB port:

Hi-Speed USB *

Network port:

Wired LAN: 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T

Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11n / IEEE802.11g / IEEE802.11b / IEEE802.11a / IEEE802.11ac

* A computer that complies with Hi-Speed USB standard is required. Since the Hi-Speed USB interface is fully upwardly compatible with USB 1.1, it can be used at USB 1.1.


USB and the network can be used at the same time.

Wi-Fi and wired LAN cannot be used at the same time.

Operating environment

Temperature: 41 to 95 °F (5 to 35 °C)

Humidity: 10 to 90 % RH (no condensation)

* The performance of the printer may be reduced under certain temperature and humidity conditions.

Recommended conditions:

Temperature: 59 to 86 °F (15 to 30 °C)

Humidity: 10 to 80 % RH (no condensation)

* For the temperature and humidity conditions of papers such as photo paper, refer to the paper's packaging or the supplied instructions.

Storage environment

Temperature: 32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)

Humidity: 5 to 95 % RH (no condensation)

Power supply

AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

(The supplied power cord is only for the country or region you purchased.)

Power consumption

Printing (Copy): 20 W or less *1

Standby (minimum): 0.9 W or less *1*2

Standby (all ports connected): 1.4 W or less

OFF: 0.1 W or less

*1 USB connection to a PC

*2 The wait time for standby cannot be changed.

External dimensions (W x D x H)

Approx. 15.8 x 16.4 x 9.9 in. (Approx. 399 x 417 x 251 mm)

* With the Cassette and trays retracted.


Approx. 20.9 lb (Approx. 9.5 kg)

* With the Print Head installed.

Scan Specifications

Scanner driver

Windows: TWAIN 1.9 Specification, WIA

Maximum scanning size

Platen: A4/Letter, 8.5 x 11.7 in. (216 x 297 mm)

ADF: A4/Letter/Legal, 8.5 x 15.7 in. (216 x 399 mm)

Optical resolution (horizontal x vertical)

1200 x 2400 dpi *

* Optical Resolution represents the maximum sampling rate based on ISO 14473.

Gradation (Input / Output)

Gray: 16 bit/8 bit

Color: RGB each 16 bit/8 bit

Fax Specifications

Applicable line

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

IP phone line (IP phone line with quality of no problem at all by using in conversation)

Communication mode Super G3, G3
Data compressing system

Black: MH, MR, MMR

Color: JPEG

Modem speed

max. 33.6 kbps

(Automatic fallback)

Transmission speed

Black: Approx. 3 seconds/page at 33.6 kbps

(Based on ITU-T No.1 chart for US specifications and Canon FAX Standard chart No.1 for others, both in standard mode.)

Color: Approx. 1 minute/page at 33.6 kbps

(Based on Canon COLOR FAX TEST SHEET.)


Black: 256 levels

Color: 24 bit Full Color (RGB each 8 bit)

Density adjustment 3 levels

Transmission/reception: approx. 250 pages

(Based on ITU-T No.1 chart for US specifications and Canon FAX Standard chart No.1 for others, both in standard mode.)

Fax resolution

Black Standard: 203 pels/in. x 98 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 3.85 lines/mm)

Black Fine, Photo: 203 pels/in. x 196 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 7.7 lines/mm)

Black Extra fine: 300 x 300 dpi

Color: 200 x 200 dpi


Automatic dialing

  • Recipient (max. 100 destinations)

  • Group dial (max. 99 destinations)

Regular dialing (with Numeric buttons)

Automatic redialing

Manual redialing (max. 10 destinations)


Activity report (after every 20 transactions)

Sequential broadcasting (max. 101 destinations)

Rejected numbers (max. 10 destinations)

Err reduction (VoIP) *

* For details, see "Error reduction setting (VoIP)" in "Advanced fax settings".

Network Specifications

Communication protocol SNMP, HTTP, TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6)
Wired LAN

Supported Standards: IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX) / IEEE802.3 (10BASE-T)

Transfer speed: 10 Mbps/100 Mbps (auto switching)



Supported Standards: IEEE802.11n / IEEE802.11g / IEEE802.11b / IEEE802.11a / IEEE802.11ac

Frequency bandwidth: 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz

* A frequency band that can be used varies depending on country or region.

Communication distance: Indoors 164 feet/50 m

* Effective range varies depending on the installation environment and location.








* Compatible with IEEE802.1X (EAP-TLS/EAP-TTLS/PEAP)


WPS (Push button configuration/PIN code method)

Easy wireless connect

Minimum System Requirements

Conform to the operating system's requirements when higher than those given here.


Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1

Note: Operation can only be guaranteed on a PC with pre-installed operating system.

Printer driver and IJ Printer Assistant Tool support the following OS:

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022

Amount of hard disk space required for installing the driver

1.5 GB or more

The necessary amount of hard disk space may be changed without notice.


Operating System macOS Mojave 10.14.6 - macOS Monterey 12

Other Supported OS

iOS/iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS

Some functions may not be available with the supported OS.

Refer to the Canon web site for details.

Information in this manual is subject to change without notice.