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Ink Tips

How is ink used for various purposes other than printing?

Ink may be used for purposes other than printing.

During initial setup, some of the ink from the bundled ink bottles is used to fill the print head's nozzles to ensure the printer is print-ready.

Therefore, the page yield of the initial bundled set of ink bottles is lower than that of the subsequent sets of bottles.

To keep printer's performance, Canon printer performs cleaning automatically according to its condition. When the printer performs cleaning, a small amount of ink is consumed. In this case, all colors of ink may be consumed.

[Cleaning function]

The cleaning function helps the printer to suck air bubbles or ink itself from the nozzle and thus prevents print quality degradation or nozzle clogging.

Does black-and-white printing use color ink?

Black-and-white printing may use ink other than black ink depending on the type of printing paper or the settings on the computer. So, color ink is consumed even when printing in black-and-white.

Similarly, color inks are also consumed along with black ink during print head cleaning when Black is specified for cleaning.