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Unsupported Media Types

Do not use the following types of paper. Using such paper will cause not only unsatisfactory results, but also the printer to jam or malfunction.

  • Folded, curled, or wrinkled paper
  • Damp paper
  • Paper that is too thin (weighing less than 17 lb (64 g /m2))
  • Paper that is too thick (plain paper weighing more than 28 lb (105 g /m2), except for Canon genuine paper)
  • Paper thinner than a postcard, including plain paper or notepad paper cut to a small size (when printing on paper smaller than A5)
  • Picture postcards
  • Postcards
  • Envelopes with a double flap
  • Envelopes with an embossed or treated surface
  • Envelopes whose gummed flaps are already moistened and adhesive
  • Any type of paper with holes
  • Paper that is not rectangular
  • Paper bound with staples or glue
  • Paper with an adhesive surface on the back such as label seal
  • Paper decorated with glitter, etc.