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Handling Paper

  • Be careful not to rub or scratch the surfaces of any types of paper when handling.
  • Hold the paper as closely as possible to its edges and try not to touch the printing surface. The print quality may be degraded if the printing surface is smudged with sweat or oil that comes from your hands.
  • Do not touch the printed surface until the ink is dried. Even when the ink is dried, be careful not to touch the printed surface as much as possible when handling. Due to the nature of the pigment ink, the ink on the printed surface may be removed when being rubbed or scratched.
  • Take out only the necessary number of paper from the package, just before printing.
  • To avoid curling, when you do not print, put unused paper back into the package and keep it on a level surface. And also, store it avoiding heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.