Starting Free Layout

Follow the procedure below to start the Free Layout.

  1. Open Print dialog box.

    From the application software's menu, select the printer setup menu to open the Print dialog box.


    • Normally, select Print from the File menu.

  2. Display Layout sheet.

    Select a printer from the list and open the Layout sheet on the settings screen of the printer driver.

  3. Select Free Layout in Page Layout sheet.

    In the Layout sheet, click on the Page Layout check box and select Free Layout from the list.


    • Your printer is depicted in the lower-left area of this screen.

    Click the OK button to save the settings.


    • When you select Free Layout, all other setting items will be disabled.

  4. Click Print button.

    On the Print dialog box in the apllication software, click the Print button.

    Free Layout main window is displayed.