General Notes (Free Layout)

When using Canon imagePROGRAF Free Layout (hereafter Free Layout), the following restrictions apply. Please familiarize yourself with them before using it.

  • Free Layout supports imagePROGRAF Printer Driver Ver. 4.20 or later for Windows.

  • This guide primarily provides explanations using the screens that are displayed when you use the Windows 10 operating system (hereafter, Windows 10).

  • In some cases a print job with a large amount of data cannot be printed. In such a case, experiment with the following methods to perform the print job.

    • Add expanded memory to your PC, or enlarge the virtual memory.

    • If you are using Adobe Illustrator, switch the on/off setting of the Bitmap print item in the print dialog box.

    • Lower the resolution setting then perform the print again.

  • A print job may occasionally fail during continuous printing. If this occurs delete the registered Custom Setting.

  • Sometimes the print preview display may different from the actual print position. If this occurs, make a slight adjustment in the position of the object.

  • The hues of the print preview and the image displayed in the software application (Adobe Photoshop, etc.) may be slightly different.

  • The appearance of text and fine lines in the print preview may be different from what you see in the print result.

  • If the print job is cancelled, the printer may remain in standby mode. In this case, click the cancel button and then try to print again after the software application shuts down.

  • Free Layout printing cannot be done during RAW spool printing with the software application (VectorWorks, Adobe Photoshop LE, Microsoft Photo Editor, etc.).

  • The object may not print at the correct position if the size of the object is enlarged. In this case perform the print after positioning the object automatically.

  • Sometimes a print job can be lost if Free Layout is shut down during the print job.

  • When Borderless Printing is selected, the view including the borders displayed.

  • Depending on the objects, drawing errors may be generated. If this happens, click the Special Settings button in the Detailed Settings - Layout sheet to open the Special Settings dialog box, and remove the check from Fast Graphic Process.

  • Occasionally you will not be able to print properly if you apply a favorite in the Favorites sheet.