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The cause of following may have occurred the failure of Automatic Print Head Alignment.

  • Print head nozzles are clogged.

  • The paper of size other than A4 or Letter is loaded in the cassette 1.

  • The paper output slot is exposed to strong light.


Press the printer's OK button to dismiss the error, then take the actions described below.

  • Print the nozzle check pattern to check the status of the print head.

  • Load one sheet of A4/Letter-sized plain paper in the cassette 1 and perform Automatic Print Head Alignment again.

    For Automatic Print Head Alignment, always load paper in the cassette 1.

  • Adjust your operating environment and/or the position of the printer so that the paper output slot is not exposed directly to strong light.

After carrying out the above measures, if the problem continues after aligning the print head again, press the printer's OK button to dismiss the error, and then perform Manual Print Head Alignment.