Borders appear in borderless printing

  1. Check 1 

    If printing full-scale borderless, is the selected paper wider than the source size?

    For borderless printing at actual size, use roll paper that has the same width as the actual page size.

     Printing Full-Size without Margins (Windows)

     Printing Full-Size without Margins (Mac OS)

  2. Check 2 

    Does the source file have margins?

    Check that the printing image data does not have any objects like crop marks and transparent objects.

  3. Check 3 

    Is a margin set in application software?

    Check that no margins are configured in the application software you are using.

  4. Check 4 

    Is the Extension for borderless printing set to Small?

    In Extension for borderless printing in the touch screen menu, set Paper with recommended width and Paper with adequate width to Standard.

     Menu Structure

  5. Check 5 

    Is the width of the paper recommended for borderless printing?

    For paper sizes that are not recommended for borderless printing, a slight margin will automatically be generated on the left and right. You can set the amount of border at this time with Extension for borderless printing > Paper with adequate width in the touch screen menu.

    However, Extension for borderless printing is increased, the platen may become dirty.

    For details on paper sizes recommended for borderless printing, see Paper Sizes.

     Paper Sizes