The printer consumes a lot of ink

  1. Check 1 

    Are lots of full-color materials being printed?

    In print jobs such as photos, images are filled with color. This consumes a lot of ink. This does not indicate a problem with the printer.

  2. Check 2 

    Is System cleaning being carried out frequently?

    System cleaning uses a lot of ink. This is normal. We recommend that you only carry out System cleaning after the printer has been transported, if has not been used for a long time, or if there is a problem with the print head.

  3. Check 3 

    You have just finished initial installation, when more ink is consumed to fill the system.

    If using the printer for the first time, or using it after transport, the ink tank will supply an initial fill of ink to the print head.

    Although the amount of remaining ink may drop as a result, it does not indicate a problem.

  4. Check 4 

    Is the print head nozzle blocked?

    Check for nozzle clogging.

     Checking for Nozzle Clogging