Printed colors are inaccurate

  1. Check 1 Check the setting of Rendering Intent in the printer driver.

    The initial value of Rendering Intent may differ depending on your printer. The initial value for PRO series is Perceptual (Photo) or Saturation (Poster). Check the setting of your printer.

    To achieve consistent colors between multiple printers, use the same Rendering Intent setting for all printers.


    • You can change the Rendering Intent setting on the Easy Settings of the Main sheet in the printer driver setup window. If you select Photo (Color) for Print Target, Rendering Intent is set to Perceptual (Photo). If you select Poster for Print Target, Rendering Intent is set to Saturation (Poster).
  2. Check 2 

    Has color been adjusted in the printer driver?

    Follow the steps below to adjust color settings.

    • Windows

      Adjust the color settings with Color Mode > Color Settings in Advanced Settings in the printer driver.

       Main Tab Description (Windows)

    • Mac OS

      Adjust the color settings in the printer driver Color Options.

       Color Options (Mac OS)

  3. Check 3 

    Has the computer or monitor color been adjusted?

    Take the actions below.

    • Refer to the computer and monitor documentation to adjust the colors.

    • Adjust the settings of the color management software, referring to the software documentation as needed.

  4. Check 4 

    Is the print head nozzle blocked?

    Print a test pattern to check the nozzles and see if they are clogged.

     Checking for Nozzle Clogging

  5. Check 5 

    Is Application Color Matching Priority set to Off in a Windows printer driver?

    In the printer driver Layout sheet, click Special Settings, and then set Application Color Matching Priority to On in the dialog box that appears.

     Layout Tab Description (Windows)

  6. Check 6 

    Has the print head been replaced?

    Differences between one print head and another may result in a change in color after replacing a print head.

    Execute color calibration.

     Performing Color Calibration

  7. Check 7 

    The print head characteristics may have changed

    The characteristics of a print head may change with repeated use, including color.

    Execute color calibration.

     Performing Color Calibration

  8. Check 8 

    Color varies even between printers of the same model due to differences in firmware and printer driver versions, settings, or environment

    Follow these steps to prepare the printing environment.

    1. Use the same version of firmware or printer driver.

    2. Specify the same value for all settings items.

    3. Execute color calibration.

       Performing Color Calibration

  9. Check 9 

    Was Select Your Place of Residence changed in the Media Configuration Tool when reinstalling the printer driver?

    Changing the region selection of the Media Configuration Tool deletes the region-specific paper information originally registered on the printer before installation. Using paper with deleted information when executing color calibration will prevent the resulting calibration adjustment value from being applied to all other types of the paper.

    Prepare paper compatible with calibration in the newly selected region and perform calibration again.

     Performing Color Calibration