The surface of the paper is dirty

  1. Check 1 

    Is the paper retainer clean?

    Clean the paper retainer.

     Cleaning Inside the Top Cover

  2. Check 2 

    Does this paper take longer to dry?

    Set the Pause between pages in the touch screen menu to approximately 1 minute.

     Menu Structure


    • When printing on paper that takes longer to dry, the paper may curl during printing and come in contact with the output slot.

      In such situations, set an Ink drying wait time and an Ink drying target area for Pause between scans in the touch screen menu.

      However, note that printing will now take longer.

       Menu Structure


  • In a hot and humid environment, rolling paper printed with images containing areas of saturated color may transfer ink to the contact surface, affecting print quality.

    Move the printer to a different environment, or let the paper dry before rolling it.