Paper is not cut

  1. Check 1 

    Is Automatic Cutting in the printer driver set to No or Print Cut Guideline?

    Set the printer driver Automatic Cutting setting to Yes.

     Page Setup Tab Description (Windows)

     Paper Detailed Settings (Mac OS)

  2. Check 2 

    Is Cutting mode in the touch screen menu set to Eject cut or User cut?

    If Cutting mode is set to Eject cut, select Feed/cut in the touch screen menu and cut the paper.

    If Cutting mode is set to User cut, cut the roll paper with a cutting implement such as scissors.

     Specifying the Cutting Method for Rolls

  3. Check 3 

    Is the cutter blade attached?

    Attach the cutter blade.

     Replacing the Cutter Blade

  4. Check 4 

    Is the cutting method for paper ejected after printing set to Do not cut when the roll unit is set to Take-up mode?

    Follow the steps below to change the settings.

    1. Select the roll unit on the touch screen.

    2. Tap Use in take-up mode, and then select Use the cutting mode setting.

    3. Set the Cutting mode for Roll paper 1 on the touch screen to Automatic cut.