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Cause of following may have occurred failure of automatic print head alignment.

  • Print head nozzles are clogged.
  • Paper that is not suitable for print head alignment is loaded.
  • Paper output slot is exposed to strong light.

What to Do

Press the printer's OK button to cancel the error and take the corresponding actions below.

  • Check the print head condition by printing the nozzle check pattern.

  • Load two sheets of A4 / Letter size paper.


    • The highly permeable paper such as a backlight film is not available for automatic print head alignment. Load paper that has lower permeable and frequently used.
  • Adjust your operating environment and/or the position of the printer so that the paper output slot is not exposed directly to strong light.

After doing the measure above, perform automatic print head alignment again.


  • When using the manual feed tray, set the second sheet after the first sheet has been printed.

If the error occurs again, press the printer's OK button to cancel the error, then perform manual print head alignment.