The remaining ink level cannot be correctly detected. (The lamp on the ink tank flashes.)


Replace the ink tank and close the ink cover.

Printing with an ink tank that was once empty may damage the machine.

If you want to continue printing in this condition, you need to release the function for detecting the remaining ink level. Press and hold the machine's Stop button for at least 5 seconds, and then release it.

With this operation, releasing the function for detecting the remaining ink level is memorized. Please be advised that Canon shall not be liable for any machine malfunction or damage caused by refilled ink tanks.

  • If the function for detecting the remaining ink level is disabled, the ink tank in gray is displayed on the LCD when checking the current ink level.

  • Since the information contained in the fax may be lost if it is printed in this condition, the received fax will not be printed and will be stored in the machine's memory until the ink is replaced. You must manually print out faxes that were stored in the memory. You can change the setting so that the received fax is forcibly printed out instead of being stored in the memory, but all or part of the fax information may not be printed because of the ink out condition.

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