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A print head may not be installed properly or may not be compatible with this printer.

What to Do

If you are printing, press the printer's Stop button to cancel printing.

Remove the print heads and reinstall them properly following the steps below. This may resolve the error.

  1. Open scanning unit / cover.

  2. Press and hold printer's Stop button for 5 seconds.

    The print head holder moves.


    • Do not hold the print head holder to stop or move it forcibly while the print head holder is working. Do not touch the print head holder until it stops completely.
  3. Grab knob (A) on print head locking cover to open it.

  4. Pull the print head (B) and shift it slightly toward you.

  5. Remove color and black print heads.


    • When removing the print heads, handle them carefully so that ink does not spatter.
    • Do not touch the tube or other parts inside the printer. Touching these parts may cause the printer to malfunction.
    • Do not touch the gold terminal (C) or print head nozzles (D) on a print head. The printer may not print properly if you touch them.

  6. Reinstall print heads properly.

    Install the color print head in the left holder and the black print head in the right holder.

    Use the print heads compatible with the printer.

  7. Close print head locking cover (E) and push it down.

    Press firmly the print head locking cover until it clicks into place.

  8. Close scanning unit / cover gently.

If reinstalling the print heads does not solve the problem, it may be necessary to replace the print heads.

For details, click here.