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Photo Locations Screen

Select the import source of the photos you want to print or to use for your item.

Switch to the Photo Locations screen by one of the following operations.

  • Click Photos in the New screen
  • While creating a new item, click Next in the Select Paper Size screen
  • Click Images, Select Image, or Select Photos in the Item edit screen
figure: Photo Locations screen

A: Photo Locations Area

Select the import source of the photos you want to use.

Add the same image to all frames/Use the same image in all the default frames.

You can use the same image in all image layout frames within the page.

To place multiple copies of the same image such as when creating an ID photo, select this checkbox.


  • This appears when importing photos while creating a new business card, sticker, or ID photo, or when you select an image layout frame in a template in the Item edit screen and then click Select Image.

Click Select Photo to display the Select Photo screen.

Select the photo(s) you want to use, and then click Open.

Cloud Services

Click a cloud service to start a Web browser and display the authentication screen of the cloud service.

Complete a connection to the cloud service to display the Select photo screen (cloud service).


  • In Windows 7, cloud services are not available.
  • The displayed cloud services vary depending on the country or region.
  • Internet connection is required to use a cloud service. Internet connection fees apply.
  • To use a cloud service, preparation such as account creation is required beforehand.
  • To disconnect from cloud services, from the Help menu of the Home screen, click Cloud Services > Disconnect. Click OK in the Disconnect screen to disconnect from all cloud services.
  • To connect to the cloud service with a different account, disconnect from it, and then reconnect.

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