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Changing Template

In the Item edit screen, you can change the template of items.


  • When you change the template, your edits up to this point will be discarded.


  • Collage editing is used as an example in the following descriptions.
  1. In Item edit screen, click Templates.

    figure: Item edit screen

    The view switches to the Select template screen.

  2. Select the template you want to use.

    figure: Select template screen


    • To narrow down the templates by combining various criteria, set the conditions such as the paper size and number of images to use in the Filter area.

    The Select Paper Size screen appears.

  3. Select paper size and click Next.

    figure: Select Paper Size screen

    The Change Template screen appears.

    figure: Change Template screen

    Click OK to apply the selected template and switch to the Item edit screen.


    • When you change the template of an item that consists of two or more pages, the second and subsequent pages will be deleted.