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Cropping Images (for Items)

In the Item edit screen, crop images to select only the areas you want to keep.

  1. In Item edit screen, select the image you want to crop, and then click Crop.

    figure: Item edit screen

    The view switches to the Crop screen.

  2. Enlarge/reduce or rotate image while previewing the result.

    figure: Crop screen

    A: Preview Area

    Displays the preview of the image being cropped.

    B: Crop

    Enlarge or Reduce Image

    Drag the slider to enlarge or reduce the image freely.


    • To specify the area to crop, enlarge the image, and then drag it in the screen.
    Rotate Image
    Drag the slider to rotate the image clockwise.
    Rotate 90 Degrees
    Rotates the image 90 degrees clockwise with each click.
    Restores the image to the state before it was cropped.
  3. Click OK.

    The view switches to the Item edit screen.