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Adjusting Position and Size of Images

In the Item edit screen, you can adjust the position and size of images.


  • Photo layout editing is used as an example in the following descriptions.
  1. In Item edit screen, select the image you want to adjust.

    An image layout frame and operation icons appear.

    figure: Item edit screen
  2. Change position, size, or angle of image.

    When you place the cursor over the image layout frame, the cursor changes to (Move) and you can move the image.
    Drag the white squares of the image layout frame to adjust its size.
    Deletes the image layout frame.

    Drag to rotate the image layout frame freely around its center.

    Click to rotate clockwise by 90 degrees.


    • In the menu displayed by right-clicking an image layout frame, you can cut, copy, or paste the image, or change the display order or alignment/distribution of images.
  3. In Editing tools area, adjust images (add frames, crop, change the display order, align/distribute, etc.).

    figure: Item edit screen
  4. Click outside item.

    The adjusted image is reflected in the item.