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Printing Posters

Create and print posters from your favorite photos.

  1. Tap Easy-PhotoPrint Editor icon on your smartphone.

  2. In New screen, tap Posters.

  3. Select the template you want to use.


    • You can also print or edit items exported from PosterArtist. Tap (Plus) at the upper right of the screen, tap Import from PosterArtist, and then select the item you want to print or edit.
      When you select the item, the view switches to the Item edit screen. Skip ahead to Step 6.
      For how to export items from PosterArtist, refer to the PosterArtist manual.
  4. Select paper size and tap Next.

  5. Select the photo(s) you want to use for item.

  6. Edit item according to preference.

  7. Tap Next at upper right of screen.

  8. Specify printer to use.

  9. Specify advanced print settings such as print quality.

  10. Tap Print at upper right of screen.