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Select Template Screen

Displays a list of templates for items.

Switch to the Select template screen by one of the following operations.

  • Select an item type in home screen
  • Click Templates in the Item edit screen
figure: Select template screen

A: Filter

Combine various criteria to narrow down the templates.

Click (Down Arrow) of each criterion, and then select the filter you want to apply; the filtered templates will appear in the Templates area.


  • The displayed contents vary depending on the item type.

B: Templates Area

Displays a list of templates. Select a template or save templates as favorites.

figure: Template Details screen

Displays the thumbnails of templates.

Click to display the Select Paper Size screen.

Indicates a template downloadable via the Internet.
Displays the Template Details screen (select template).
Indicates a new template.

Click (Unlabeled) to turn it to (Favorite); the template is saved as a favorite. Saved templates can be browsed in the Favorites screen and can also be used to start creating items.

To remove from favorites, click (Favorite) to turn it to (Unlabeled).

C: Back / Return to Edit Screen

Return to the previous screen.