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Limitations When Printing PDF Files

These are limitations that apply when using Direct Print & Share to print PDF files that contain the below image processing.

Caution is needed when using Direct Print & Share to print PDF files created with Adobe Illustrator and other applications for graphical purposes.

  • Transparency processing

    Transparency will not be processed as intended.

  • Drop shadows

    Drop shadow effects (shadow effects applied to text, shapes, etc.) applied to objects placed on rectangles with transparency processing will not be processed correctly.

  • Overprinting

    The overlaying parts of images will not be printed as intended.

  • Knockouts

    Knockouts (cutting out parts where images overlap) will not be processed properly.

  • PDF with security settings

    Cannot be printed.

  • 16-bit data or JPEG 2000 image data with transparency settings

    Images cannot be printed.

  • JBIG2 image data

    Images cannot be printed.

  • PostScript data

    Images cannot be printed.

  • Halftone

    Cannot be printed.

  • Data with comments added

    Images cannot be printed if there is no data for displaying comments.

  • Font substitution function not supported

    It is recommended to use embedded fonts.