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Add Printers

Printers used with Direct Print & Share are added to the Printer pull-down menu.

Follow the procedure below to add printers to the Printer pull-down menu.

  1. Click the button on the main screen.

    The Printer to use dialog box will open.

  2. Click Add....

    The Add printer dialog box will open.

  3. Select your printer

    Select the printer installed on your PC from the Canon Printer tab, and then click OK.


    • Printers with drivers installed on your PC are listed on the Canon Printer tab. To add a printer to the list on the Canon Printer tab, install the printer driver on your PC.

    • When using an Océ printer, select your printer from the Océ Printer tab.

  4. Confirm that the printer you selected is added to the Printer to use dialog box, and then click OK.

    The printer will be added to the Printer pull-down menu.